Feminine Aura

Select an artist, designer, or architect, and choose a museum
or art gallery to hold a personal exhibition. Design a logotype,
poster, and catalog
for this exhibition. 


Showcase American photographer Saul Leiter’s private collection. Leiter’s nudes have a spontaneous and romantic quality. All the women look natural and elegant in Leiter’s photographs. Women are the main subject of this exhibition. Thus, I named the exhibition “Feminine Aura”. I created a handwritten logotype that was inspired by women’s body curves and the gestures in his photos. The black and gold colors convey an exclusive, elegant, and classy vibe. 

Saul Leiter Exhibition Logo .jpg
saul leiter poster mockup.jpg
newsletter cover mockup.png
newsletter mockup 01.png
newsletter mockup 02.png
newsletter mockup 03.png
newsletter mockup 04.png
newsletter mockup 05.png
newsletter mockup 06.png
newsletter mockup 07.png

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